• Crescent Conveyancers has already spoken at length about how PEXA is transforming real estate settlements around Australia. As the momentum increases on electronic settlements, we’ve developed this quick snapshot for some succinct answers to the PEXA platform.



    Why wait a month to complete a settlement that now takes just a couple of hours with PEXA? Pre-populated areas on e-documents allow a faster transition of information. You also get much faster access to cleared funds compared to traditional bank funds.



    PEXA’s digital technology limits the number of mistakes caused by human error and transfers sensitive documents in a reliable digital format, right down to completing digital signatures on your behalf.



    These days, it’s far easier to become involved in and to monitor the progress of your settlement. PEXA offers you additional free app services like SettleMe, allowing you to track your settlement from start to completion.



    With fewer hours spent finalising documents, comes the inevitable cost saving. Your conveyancer requires fewer meetings during the process, right down to settlement day where the transaction happens automatically as all of the tasks will have already been completed.



    PEXA security is high, with less likelihood of a security breach. Confidential documents retain a high level of digital privacy, while fraud is harder to commit thanks to the automatic security systems already in place on the PEXA platform.

    Electronic settlement via PEXA’s e-conveyancing system is beautifully streamlined with less room for mistakes to occur and a swift journey to completion. It’s the change Australian conveyancing had to have.

    To further understand how easy it is to use PEXA, Crescent Conveyancers has a team of experts ready to speak to you. All you have to do is give them a call today.


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