• What is Residential Conveyancing?


    Residential conveyancing is the legal process of purchasing or selling a house. This is essentially the last stage in a conveyancing transaction. It occurs when the conveyancers for both parties are satisfied that all documents and cheques are as they should be, and then the property is officially settled.

    The average homeowner is not savvy enough with the intricate legalities of residential conveyancing to execute the process themselves, so they will engage the services of a solicitor to act on their behalf.

    In many residential conveyancing cases, the buyer has a solicitor. Buyers who are purchasing their home with the aid of a mortgage will require a solicitor anyway, as the lender will need to liaise with this person throughout the process.

    Crescent Conveyancers have the skills and experience to assist you through this process from beginning to end. From the initial process of dealing with real estate agents to ensure conditions are met and title searches have been completed to working with brokers and banks to make them aware of settlement dates, our 30 years of experience has made us experts in navigating the sometimes complex world of residential settlements.


    Accuracy and Efficiency


    These are at the heart of our conveyancing service. We work to ensure the settlement of your home is completed on time, every time.

    In most instances, prior to a property settlement occurring, both the buyer and seller must have already signed a contract of sale. In Western Australia, the standard residential sales contract has two sections: Contract for Sale of Land or Strata, and Joint Form of General Conditions.

    This contract outlines the terms and conditions the buyer and seller have come to agree on including the sale price, deposit amount and the date of the property settlement among other things.

    From here, we can work closely with both your broker/bank and you to ensure that you meet your settlement obligations on time with no stress. This can include organising a number of things including stamp duty, shire rates, water rates and other fees that may exist within the property you’re buying or selling.


    Your Settlement Agent


    As your conveyancer (sometimes referred to as a settlement agent), we act as a middle-man between you and all other partied involved in the sale. This often includes the settlement agent for the other party, your real estate representative, a mortgagee where applicable and all of the various rating authorities. By maintaining clear and consistent communication with you, and all these important stakeholders in your residential settlement, we’re ensuring the process runs according to plan and doesn’t cause you any problems.

    Buying and selling a home are both big decisions and some of the biggest transitions most people will undertake in their lives. We pride ourselves on making this process as easy as possible, and so we encourage anyone who is about to undertake a residential settlement to contact us today. We can discuss the whole process with you, as it related to your specific transaction.

    Our friendly and professional team has all the knowledge you need to make your settlement as smooth as can be. Get in contact today!

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