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Buying Vacant Land

Like all things property related, buying a block of land comes with rules, restrictions and limitations that are important to be aware of. As property experts, we’re here to help you navigate these intricate and sometimes difficult rules and regulations.

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Subdivision and subdividing are words we’ve all heard before, but do you know exactly what’s going on? We’ve got all the important answers for you.

property settlement services


A property transfer for a farm or larger regional property is much more complicated than regular residential transfers. The main reason for this is that they usually involve a lot more assets than most other forms of property transfer.

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Commercial Settlements

Buying and selling is an integral part of many investments and business operations. As experts in the local property market and with a wealth of experience in commercial property settlements, we can help you navigate these tricky real estate transactions.

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Deceased Estate / Transmission Applications

A deceased estate is the property and assets of a person who has died. The person dividing and dealing with the intricacies of this is referred to as the administrator and is usually one of the beneficiaries of the estate.

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Electronic Settlements

What is Electronic Conveyancing? What are electronic settlements? Electronic conveyancing is a transaction where practitioners have elected to settle through the electronic platform provided by PEXA – the regulatory framework here in Australia. With PEXA acting as a sort of middleman, lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions can transact together online.

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Private / Term Contracts

What is A Terms Contract?   When a property is sold, and the buyer is allowed to move in prior to paying the whole purchase price, what is referred to as a “terms contract” is needed? 

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What is Residential Conveyancing?   Residential conveyancing is the legal process of purchasing or selling a house. This is essentially the last stage in a conveyancing transaction. It occurs when the conveyancers for both parties are satisfied that all documents and cheques are as they should be, and then the property is officially settled.

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