• Moving to the new big city or a rural settlement requires a lot of processes from a change of address on all official documents and letters, to finding new places to shop! While it can seem, confusing or overwhelming at first, our checklist will provide an easy to reference list of points to remember after your move and will help you settle into your new home.


    Connect Your Power and Internet

    In today’s day and age, having your internet-connected from the day you move in is essential. The internet handover can take weeks though, especially if it’s a rural settlement, so you need to do this in advance. This is really important if you work from home or have kids who rely on internet access for their homework. You also need to disconnect the energy in the previous tenant’s name and reconnect it in yours. Some of our south-west conveyancing clients find that for regional settlements a new internet connection can take some extra time, so make sure you’re prepared.


    Have a Plan for Pets and Children

    While your pets and kids are sure to love your new place, they can sometimes get in the way on moving day. It may be worth looking into getting a babysitter or having your kids go to a friend’s house on moving day. Once you’ve bought your new home, it’s time to start looking into a local school for your kids. Sometimes a move will mean a new school, make sure your kids are excited about the change and show them around their new school before the first day. The period before you move is also a good time to look into local health care facilities, that way you’ll be prepared should the time come that you need them. A new area also means you’ll need to decide on new rules about curfews or where your kids are allowed to play in the neighbourhood. In addition, you need to update your friends and family with your change of address for any emergencies or problems. Pets can need some organising too; a change of address on their collar or microchip is a good place to start.


    Legal Issues

    While your conveyancer in the south-west will handle the change of land title and other more complex legal issues, you’ll still have some administrative duties to attend to. Make sure that your address is legally changed and that you’ve updated it for things like magazine subscriptions, car insurance and registration, electoral roll, your bank, superannuation etc. And then you’ll need to organise your new home and contents insurance. Like setting up your internet and having your power connected, you’ll want to get onto having your mail forwarded as quickly as possible. Trusting the new tenants of your old home to forward your mail can be frustrating and unreliable.

    There are a lot of things to consider when moving to a city or rural settlement, but with our handy checklist, you’ll be able to put your mind at ease.

    For anything else that confuses you, just give Crescent Conveyancers a call!

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